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PCRS Youth Halloween Event

No tricks, all treats. A spooktacular volunteering event.

This spooky season, some of us volunteered at the City Centre Youth Hub in Surrey, BC. We helped put together treat bags filled with a combination of Halloween candy, full-sized chocolate bars, and gift cards.

Our top two games we thought were winners of that night:

Slime Pong: The youth had to land a ball in the cup which was filled with slime, and they had to fish through the slime to find a number corresponding to one of the paper bags (also pictured) which were each filled with different prizes.

Slime Pong Activity and Games Station

Ghost Busters: Orange and black cups were covered with tissue paper. The objective of the game was to shoot foam darts into the cup from 6-7 feet away and if they did, they would win an assortment of candy or chocolate. A game of precision.

Slime Pong Activity and Games Station

We sure made the most out of this fun-filled time of the year. There were so many creative costumes, some were more frightening than others...

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