Pacific Community Resource Society

PCRS is a progressive not-for-profit agency that works alongside partners like us to provide social services in youth education, employment, housing, substance abuse, mental health and family services. They advocate and find innovative solutions to address complex social problems. 


Supporting youth overcoming barriers to create, positive, lasting relationships and become leaders in the community.




This program was started with funds from the Youth Facing Barriers grant from Radius Security.  As a result of our funds, 12 youth received high school credits during the summer months, a time they are usually not in school and so are more vulnerable to becoming involved in gang activity.  Some youth were also attracted to the program due to food insecurity in their homes. We can all be proud of the security and opportunity this program created for young people.

PCRS also offers other programs like their Barista Training Program where they will work with employers like Starbucks to provide youth the opportunity to gain real-world work experience. 

Grocery Basket

18-year-old Mai struggled in school and faced some social challenges. She had a difficult time dealing with her parent's high expectations, particularly with her school grades. Mai was slow to engage in the first two weeks of the youth employment program but slowly began to participate in group discussions. Her attendance was good and although she was initially hesitant about trying a work experience, she soon warmed up to the idea. An interview with a small local grocery store was arranged. The interview went well and from this positive experience, Mai completed her work experience, was hired full-time, and continues to be employed as a valued member of the store team.

PCRS is a new partner for the Spread the Cheer campaign at Vancouver Fire, Radius Security and National Fire Safety Planners. Here are some cool things we want you to know about PCRS and their programs:



The youth enrolled in Honour Secondary School have a history in the criminal justice system. The Surrey School District deems these students "too dangerous to be taught in public schooling". This isolates these youth and prevents them from receiving education and job training. Honour Secondary is a self-paced program that is designed to meet each youth's individual needs and learning style. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected challenges to Honour Secondary School. Staff quickly modified their approach and operations to successfully offer both remote and in-person learning for all students.

Pine Spruce Branches 4

Connecting Youth With Food
and Hope for the Future

Ready to take action?

The holiday season can be a very challenging time for youth who don't have a support system and close family. PCRS provides programming through these winter months to provide a safe, inclusive space for youth to gather. The staff will also nominate 20 youth and their families to receive a holiday basket including a family-sized turkey and all the trimmings. These baskets are customized for each individual and can even include gifts for younger siblings and essentials.  

This year our Spread the Cheer campaign is aiming to fund the baskets program in full and provide additional funds for students in the Honour Secondary School to receive a laptop to continue their education and help them in their search for meaningful employment. 

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