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Let's Make A Change, Together

Volunteers are what make Community Matters special!

Volunteering with Community Matters is an impactful way to give back and actively connect with your community. From helping out with game booths to tallying up our can food drives, your every little bit of involvement can make a real difference to the livelihood of the less privileged. Thanks to our generous volunteers, we were able to impact 5000+ lives and had the opportunity to work closely with 20+ community partners throughout these years. To date, our staff has donated over 30,000+ hours of their time - the equivalent of about 15 full-time staff. Kudos to our awesome team!

Get Active And Learn New Skills

Go beyond being just a donor and make a physical impact on the lives of people in your local community. Volunteering can broaden your experiences, provide you with the opportunity to try something new, and add depth to your life outside of work.

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High Fives

Meet New People And Build Connections

Meet new groups of people with common interests and work together towards a common goal. Nurture or discover a newfound purpose while expanding your support system. 

Feel Good Giving Back

Discover and witness first-hand how your contributions are directly impacting peoples lives. Helping others kindles happiness and brings fun and fulfillment to your life.


Get Involved

We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities across the various community partners we work with. There is something for everyone. New opportunities are also updated weekly so stayed tuned!

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